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Aiming Higher Quantum Success Co.
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What is Thought ShiftingTM?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over...and expecting a different result!

What do you do, anyway? 

Wouldn't you like to be even more successful?  The sole purpose of what we provide is helping you be massively successful!   Reveal & live your purpose.  Be at peace.  Experience happinessJoy.  Have freedom.  Achieve true abundance.   

The greatest athletes have coaches to guide them and their team to success.  We help businesses and individuals do their best--maximizing their potential, and literally eliminating all those roadblocks in the way. 

Because we have discovered and pioneered cutting edge methods such as Thought ShiftingTM &  Quantum Thought ShiftingTM, we help people transform faster than anyone else on the planet.  You will be challenged to achieve things you never even dreamt were possible! 

Typical coaching works by helping clients change habits through action,combined with repetitive & time consuming visualizations/affirmations.  We are different.  Very different.  If you are seeking to truly transform, and to do it quickly--you are in the right place.  You will be amazed!!  

Wouldn't you like to radically transform your life so you can Have AnythingTM you choose?  It's hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't.  (But, if you're content to take more than the rest of your life to change things you could change effortlessly in 42 days or less--then thank you for visiting because we are not for you.)

What happens when you hire a Thought Shifter(TM)? 

About 95% of what we do is by habit, and because of that we are largely unaware of it.  You create with your thoughts.  In the average adult, 97.4% of your thoughts are self-limiting.  Negative conditioning (negativity).  Wow!  

Adding to that, by the time you were 18, you already had 99% of your current adult thoughts. And you had 61% of them by age 5.  

Can you see how when 95% of your thoughts are unknown to you, and they came largely from childhood, how hard it can be to identify the offending thoughts?   If you can't identify them, you can't overwrite them--which is the intent of affirmations, visualizations, machines, and even some CD's.    

This is why no matter how hard you try, you simply don't create exactly what you choose! 

We identify the offending thoughts that get in the way of your success, then energetically shift your thoughts and that "ugh" feeling that often accompanies them.  Suddenly, things that used to be in your way are no longer in your way!   Someitmes the shift is so complete you don't even recall the issue.  

And, we do this more effectively and effortlessly than anyone else on the planet by a huge margin.  No one compares to the shift we are able to create in people.  No one.    


What happens when you hire us? 

Many things, but the most important are:

· Fears become a thing of the past 


· You feel happier, lighter  

· The issue we shifted for you will be gone.. often without  a trace  

· You learn tools to Have Anything You Want (TM)

· You take more effective and focused actions immediately 

· You do what you may have been meaning to do, but haven't

· You stop putting up with what is dragging you down

· You create momentum so it's easier to get results

· You set better goals that are more exactly what YOU really want

· You take yourself more seriously



What is our philosophy? 

· We humans are great -- Masterpieces

· We're all discovering what we really choose & our purpose

· We can live our purpose and get what we choose faster and more effortlessly by eliminating the thoughts in our way.


Eliminating your self limiting thoughts would take decades or really a lifetime with visualizations & affirmations.  If you're content to do it the hard way, we are not the place for you.      


Who hires us, and why?    

Business owners, executives, professionals, families, children, pet owners, and people from all walks of life hire us because:

· They are tired of changing the slow way


 · They don't have the 1-2+ or more hours per day it takes to overwrite those old thoughts with visualizations, affirmations, meditation CD's, and the like... and still barely make a dent  


· They want more... and they won't take "no" for an answer! 

· They want to do things more easily, effortlesssly, be in the flow of life 

· They want to grow

It's as simple as that. We help you get all these, quickly & effortlessly.  


What do Thought Shifters(TM) do?   

We will: 

· Identify the root cause of your challenge, more effectively and quickly than anywhere on the planet (the closer to the root cause the more clearing takes place) 

· Energetically Thought Shift(TM) the issue behind the scenes, eliminating it (overwrites the thought-neural pathway-emotion)   We can clear issues faster and more effectively than anywhere else on the planet.

· Challenge any thinking that is no longer useful

· Install new intentions energetically (so they are immediately and effortlessly available to you)

· Provide you with the tools, support, and structure to accomplish more


How is Thought Shifting(TM) different from therapy?  Consulting?

· Therapy:   Mosts therapists are busy trying to discover your "issues”.   Then, you talk about them.  Instead, we simply eliminate the issue quickly & effortlessly.  No need to rehash the past, and no need to spend effort and sometimes even pain focusing on the past. 

Clients who have attended theray before coming to see us have shared that in one session we accomplished more than they did in more than a decaded.  Instead, or deal with people who are in a lot of personal pain.  Once the pain is past, coaching looks forward.

· Coaching:  There are several levels of coaches, from those who simply help you set goals, to those who hold you accountable regularly (typically in coaching sessions), to the more advanced coaches who understand your thoughts create your reality.  These coaches use affirmations & visualizations to help you overwrite your roadblocks. 

We take that a step further, to eliminate the roadblock energetically--often in just a few short hours.  We help you look to yourself to discover what is right for you.   We will never tell you "you can't achieve that". 

While most coaching requires a regular weekly or bi-weekly committment, for Thought Shifting(TM) we have no such requirement.  See us once, regularly, or once every 6 months--your choice. 

· Consulting:  ...Recommends a course of action, then leaves you to implement it.  The trouble is most people go right back to their initial behavior, because nothing has really changed.  Instead, we eliminate whatever is in your  way, allowing you to really make permanent changes. 

Because Aiming Higher has such extensive business experience, we sometimes may provide consulting on specific topics where we have expertise.  However, we will always be very clear that at that point you are receiving consulting advice.  

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Does it really work?  Give me an idea of the type of results I can expect from Thought Shifting(TM)? 

Go here to see some typical client results.

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So what do I do now?

Call Pam Ragland at 949.713.7303 or CONTACT US.  We provide additional information & answer any & all questions you may have.  If you like what you hear and we think it can help you, we'll work with our schedules so you can get started as soon as feasible.

Come on! What are you waiting for?

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