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Pam RaglandPamela S. (“Pam”) Ragland owns and operates Aiming Higher Quantum Success Co., where she consults with organizations and individuals to implement successful, seamless, "pain free" organizational and personal transformation.

Pam has owned and operated Aiming Higher since 2000, and has been helping organizations and individuals implement successful transformations for more than 27 years.  In 2004 Pam developed a new technology that helps effortlessly deal with resistance to change, and many of the root issues in people which cause conflict in organizations.  This proprietary Trade Secret method is called Thought ShiftingTM and is found nowhere else.  It is Pam's secret weapon in helping dramatically speed up the process of  effortless change for organizations.  

Through the introduction of Thought ShiftingTM, along with Pam's already very successful organizational transformation methods and strategies, Pam has been able to help many organizations and individuals successfully navigate change to implement new business processes, strategies, and customer focused solutions which ultimately result in greater productivity, success, and even happier employees and customers.  Collectively she calls her approach the "Win3 ProcessTM" where  the organization, customers, and employees all benefit for a win-win-win. 

Pam is familiar with governments and politics. She is currently an appointed official in her city of Rancho Santa Margarita, California, and has also run for local office.  She has also been called on to consult with the Air Resources Board of the State of California. 

Pam's methods are designed for whole scale organizational transformation from the top down (or bottom up).  She has a rare specialty in technical organizations, in particular Information Technology.    Pam also has a specialty in integrating organizations together, both in absorbing new departments, integrating organizations from various physical locations, and in setting up new organizations via outsourcing. 

Most of  Pam's clients are organizations who have grown in one way or another, and this has resulted in growing pains. It may be a small company or division which grew from small to large too quickly or in a disorganized fashion, have acquired new businesses or  divisions, or in some cases were just never set up for substantial growth in the first place.  Pam excels at helping the toughest and most problematic organizations. 

Pam lives in Southern California, in Rancho Santa Margarita.  She has two young children, and a horse.


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Pam has been helping people transform in one capacity or another for more than 27 years.  From her earliest days working in a hospital while studying to be a  physician, to Directing the Process and Organizational Quality Department  (specialty in Information Technology change) for an international healthcare company (now called Tenant), to running the Organizational Quality and Transformation Department for what is now Verizon Wireless (again, specialty in Information Technology strategies and processes), to six years as a consultant for what is now Accenture Consulting (one of  the top consulting companies in the world). During the past eight years as owner of Aiming Higher Quantum Success Co., Pam's focus has been helping organizations and their people change quickly and effortlessly. 

A partial list of past clients includes the following:

  • The City of Rancho Santa Margarita
  • Fidelity Investments (worldwide transformation project)
  • Halliburton
  • DuPont
  • AllState
  • Cyprus Amax Minerals
  • Bell South
  • Intelligent Electronics (computer hardware reseller)
  • Accenture Consulting
  • And many other Fortune 100 companies, mid-range companies, and several government entities  

While at Accenture, Pam was one  of a team of 10 people in a company of 60,000. She developed methods to create seamless organizational transformation ultimately used by not just the team but the entire consulting company.  She is a thought leader.   Pam is able to get results like no one else, reducing what she calls "Fallout"--the people who leave because they cannot successfully navigate the change.   "Fallout" always has a domino effect which serves to undermine the organization and the change efforts.   Out of this work, Pam developed her signature Win3 ProcessTM. 

Pam is comfortable consulting with and coaching all levels of the organization from the CEO, to the Board of Directors, to the Directors, Managers, and front line staff/workers.   She has the unusual ability to connect at all levels and gain rapport. 

Pam's education:  Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

Pam has also taught Organizational Change, Organizational Development, Customer Service, Employee Satisfaction, Information Technology Processes and Life Cycle, Facilitation, Visioning, and many other courses for Fortune 100, governmental, and community organizations.   

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Pam's overall strategy is to  work with your organization to create  a transformation which ultimately increases your bottom line, and your productivity.  Pam's philosophy is your organization is already  a Masterpiece, and you may need some assistance to reveal this for your employees, customers, and stake holders.  Unlike many change agents, she learned long ago it is the people who do the work who must ultimately drive the change.  This is where Pam's expertise in Human Behavior becomes essential to your transformation efforts.  She can visit any organization and quickly assess the environment, and make a recommendation on the right strategy to accomplish your goals (and avoid common and often deadly pitfalls).  

It is essential to understand the root cause of issues, and to use the right  strategy as a result.  Otherwise, you are treating the symptom and the problems will continue.  Pam likens it to going to the doctor with a cough -- do you have a cold or lung cancer?  The treatment is different depending upon the cause.   Pam has a deep understanding about how to identify the root cause, so you are not wasting your efforts working around the edges which always takes more time, energy, and expense.   And, worse, may cause you to lose valuable employees and customers in the process.  (It is the complacent  who will stick it out... very often you are losing good employees/staff and customers without even realizing it).  

Frequently Pam's  Win3 ProcessTM approach will involve both a top down and bottom up transformation strategy.  That is, getting the most senior management on board with the change, while concurrently gaining support from middle management and front line workers/staff.  Pam uses a "transformation from the inside out" approach.  Pam does not simply consult, train, and "do things" to your organization.  Rather, she actively engages your organization to own the change for themselves.  In this way, it becomes a part of how  you do business going forward rather than some external project that dies once Pam is no longer there. Your organization is forever changed for the better. 

This is where Pam's deep understanding of Human Behavior comes into play.  Many companies can help you create a strategy.  There are "in the can" business process and Information Technology methods available.  But, few have any real understanding at all of Human Behavior, how your employees are likely to react to your strategy, change, and incentives--and the result to your organization.  Your employees do the work every day.  No organization can afford in the short or long term to have a whole scale exodus and this is completely avoidable.   

As a side note,  in Pam's work  with personal transformation, and through her creation of Thought ShiftingTM, she realized she was also helping people transform in the areas of anxiety, stress, depression, burnout, and even addictions.  Pam often integrates "Masterpiece Coping Strategies" into her work, especially in organizations suffering from high levels of stress, illness, depression and high healthcare costs due to addictions.  This not only makes for a more productive workforce, and happier customers (have you ever spoken to an employee who was stressed as a customer?  Not pretty!), but ultimately saves your organization in related and often hidden healthcare and disability costs - and sometimes even lawsuits. 

Pam's strategy always includes an assessment  of your organization, helping you create a manageable platform for change, creating a strategy for integrating the change into your organization, training at  all levels, and ongoing coaching to integrate the change into your organization.  Her overall goal is not yet another project, but lasting, quick, and effortless change. 

This approach means you won't waste your money with yet another training program that does not live on once your employees go back to their desks. Rather, it becomes the new way of doing business. 

You can hear more about Pam's organizational change strategy and philosophy in this radio interview.  

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Pam will work with you directly to develop a strategy that involves as many of your own resources as possible.  When necessary, and with mutual agreement, she will augment some of her additional resources for training, and/or coaching, depending upon the extent of your organizational transformation efforts.   Pam will always work with you to develop your strategy, facilitating oversight and management of your transformation effort. 

Pam has several coaches and teachers who are trained in supporting her proprietary and Trade Secret Thought ShiftingTM methods.  

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