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“Who Else is Sick and Tired of Worrying About Money?  What Difference Would it Make to Your Life to Effortlessly Attract  Abundance NOW?  Regardless of Your   Circumstances... "


"What Pam has to say about Be a Money Magnet"

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If you are ready to do something different... you are in the right  place!  You are just in time  to take advantage of a brand new technology that could make all the difference in your life.  

Read on to learn about how my Be a Money Magnet TM programbased on the incredibly powerful Thought ShiftingTM technologycan help you effortlessly be abundant... once and for all...


..I definitely feel more focused, and freer ...

"Dear Pam, After Thought ShiftingTM I definitely feel more focused, and freer to do what I came here to do.  Love to you, Jack"

~ Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul series co-author, and Teacher "The Secret" movie

You can attract the money & resources you deeply desire...and you deserve!

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“I know your pain..." 

We were poor growing up.  There were times we had no electricity, or food.  We lost our home.  My mother chose men just so they would take care of her.  I vowed I would never be like that.  I've worked since I was 14 years old (my first job was a paid recreation leader in a park!)  I have taken care of myself.  And, I've been financially successful...  

There was a time in my life where I could not understand how anyone could struggle financially. Really, for so many years I have been financially blessed.  I have owned my own homes for more than 24 years.  I have traveled all over the world.  I have had all the toys--jet skiis, a horse, access to boats, skiing vacations, RV's, and more.  

Although I am a single mom with two young kids, who receives just $224 per month in Child Support, I have been able to fully support us.  I paid for private school for both my kids.  I have had my own successful business for over nine years.  Before that, I was a consultant to the top companies in the
world, making six figures.  Worrying about money was just never a thought for me.  
Be a money magnet CD
This is good, because it means I know what it feels like to have money--an essential element of being abundant...  (and, don't worry if you can't even relate to this feeling...I will help you with that!)

Then, everything changed for me.  My grandma passed away unexpectedly, and I had to bear the debt of her $8,000 burial (it's amazing how expensive even basic funerals are these days), draining my excess "emergency" resources.  Then, my loan refinance was forged on my home, causing my mortgage to unexpectedly go up by more than 27% (the Broker had done a Bait & Switch on my loan a couple years before, forging my signature to give me a bad loan he got paid more for.)   Then, just months after my Grandma's death my mother also passed away unexpectedly and I had to pay to bury her, and take care of her out of state arrangements as well.  Her death was the last straw.  

Suddenly, I found myself worrying for the first time in my life about money.  Not only had I lost all the support in my life (my Grandma was like a mother to me), but the added financial burden meant I now worried if I would be able to buy Christmas gifts for my kids.  I worried if I could afford gasoline. Food... Childcare necessary to run my business...  Never in my life had I ever had to even consider whether or not I could afford $20 to pay for something.  

And, this is good news for you.  Because if you are in this situation, it means I know your pain. This is a huge, huge blessing for which I'll be eternally grateful...because now I can help many more people--I've been there.  And, I figured a way out--a way I have chosen to share to help YOU.  

I asked for divine help, and I got it!!   I received a way to literally attract money just like a magnet. I IMMEDIATELY began receiving money.  Within two weeks, I had nearly $20,000 in unexpected new money.  And, the money just kept flowing.  I had not started a new business.  I had not done anything differently... except my "Masterpiece Money Meditation TM" I was given.  I was so excited because IT WORKS!  

The best news is, I was given a way to help not only myself... but millions of people... be financially free once and for all...  When I saw how well this worked, I immediately made plans to create a program including this incredible audio meditation, to help you be financially free.  I called this program "Be a Money Magnet

You don't have to be a slave to money any longer.  You don't have to stay up at night worrying where your next money will come from, if you will have enough, how you will pay your bills--or worse if you will have the basics like food, clothing, and shelter for yourself or your family.  You were simply not meant to live like that!   

“Not like anything else..." 

To help you understand more about  how I can help you, I need to first tell you a secret.  Shhhhh.... it has only been recently I was willing to say this... And to be honest, I'm still not so comfortable sharing it.... so this is the first time I've ever put this into print.    

I have a very powerful healing gift.  That's right, I am not your typical person or program you'll run across.  I debated whether or not I would share this with you.  But, how on earth can I explain how the "Be a Money Magnet
TM" Shift PackTM  Program works?  

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Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome gone... 

& Peace...

"Thank you so much for everything.  Quantum Thought ShiftingTM and the Have AnythingTM program is changing my life so fast & furiously, I can't begin to express the real gratitude I feel.  I so appreciated getting more direction on my life purpose, too.  Life feels like the pieces of a puzzle clicking into place now.  At long last!  Oh-and my post traumatic stress syndrome is gone, too!  Peace!  And everything good to you!  Kim" 

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~ Kimberly Wickham, Margareteville, NY, USA 

Back in the Fall of 2004, I accidentally discovered I had a very powerful gift to literally erase a lifetime of "baggage", fears, & issues in your way in what used to be weeks (but is now just 11 days.)  I called this gift "Quantum Thought ShiftingTM" and I began helping a limited number of people dramatically transform their lives.   


Clinical Depression Gone... 

"I struggled off and on with clinical depression for years.  As soon as Pam Quantum Thought ShiftedTM me, my depression just vanished.  It has been more than year, and it has never returned.  As soon as people are "shifted" they know--this is for real.  Pam really has something here."   

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 ~ Marc Phillips, Portland, Oregon

I knew I was helping, not only because of their incredible & unsolicited testimonials from Quantum Thought ShiftingTM--but  also because I am the first to actually quantify how many "issues" people have & document it.  I had both scientific proof, and proof from the people themselves.  Their lives were transformed dramatically, quickly, & permanently.  

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In fact, I still receive testimonials from that first group I worked with, today... and many clients since.  


Weight lost... Making Tons of Money... Never Felt Better...  

"Pam, I still can't believe it.  Since I worked with you just 4 years ago I have lost 35 pounds.  I have learned how to keep my energy & stop Caretaking others.  And, while everyone around me is struggling financially I am still busy and financially blessed.  

I am  truly grateful I met you and was Quantum Thought ShiftedTM!!   I can't wait to work with you again... "   

 ~ Shelle Sandberg, Orange  County, California 

So, quietly, I began helping people via Quantum Thought Shifting
TM.  After all, I didn't fully understand yet the power I had been given, how I was helping people, and how to explain it.  I am practical--I was transforming companies!  My degree is in business.  So, the idea I could "shift" someone, anyone, was still new to me.  I hid it.  I worked with a limited number of people.  I only marketed and did a group once a year.  And, I would never, ever call myself a healer....

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"OK, I'm a HEALER...."  Yikes!

One day, I was in a conference.  I had to explain what I do.  Suddenly, I realized I am in fact a "healer".  I am not a "woo woo" person.  I am still practical & grounded.  I grew up religious--a Christian in a "Holy Roller" type church (and later a Catholic.)  But, it is just a fact of science.  "Negativity" or "issues" are stored in your physical body.  I literally purge a lifetime of them out in just days.  Since I'm not doing surgery, the only other explanation is I'm doing healing. I finally had to admit it.  

But, healing had so many preconceived ideas... and I just don't work like anyone else...


Alcohol & Pot Addiction Gone...

"As soon as I was Thought ShiftedTM I was able to effortlessly stop drinking and smoking pot every night.  As a Psychiatrist, I didn't feel good about that lifestyle, but didn't know how to stop.  This habit  literally just melted away..."  (still fine after 3 years)

~ Name withheld for privacy, USA

To compare, you could go to therapy, coaching, Hypnotherapy, and any other of the hundreds of healing modalities out there for the rest of your life--and it would not make a dent in all that negativity.  This is what I learned with my measures, and I explain why in the Be a Money Magnet
TM  program...

Unfortunately, not making a dent  is EXACTLY what is happening today with traditional treatment methods for identifying and eliminating your negative, sabotaging, and often painful thoughts, emotions, and habits.  Because there is a widespread lack of understanding about the underlying root cause of your issues, nearly all the methods available today are simply prescribing cough medicine for people whose issue is of cancerous proportions.  And, you don't even know it... 

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Be a Money Magnet

But, there is even more... I have learned not only the extent of these issues, which requires a radically different solution than what we're used to... But I have also uncovered your core issues which sabotage you and keep you from feeling free, in control of your life, at peace, and being fulfilled are actually physically stored within you. They are in your brain. They are stored in your body in the form of negative or reactive emotions.  And, for you to be free of them you must not only understand them... but they MUST BE PURGED from your physical body... or you will never, ever be free... 


Past Rape Trauma Gone... 

"I have done extreme work around the boy who date raped me the summer after high school... traditional therapy & hypnosis... Still, after 30 years, the trauma remained.    

Then I was "Thought ShiftedTM".  Suddenly I felt peace & compassion for him, & complete forgiveness.  I had a smile on my face and haven't felt so good or free.  I hoped, but didn't imagine, I would ever be completely free from it.  Thank you so much!  This is a gift I never expected from taking this program, & I can't tell you how wonderful it is!  With love & gratefulness for you."

     ~Name withheld for privacy, So. California, USA


Your negativity is stored in your physical body--and I take it out.  That is the definition of a healer.  So, although I am not your typical healer, I am one just the same.  Not only that, this Thought Shifting
TM gift is so powerful, I can do it all remotely, without needing to know where your "issues" came from, on any number of people at once, and it is quick--with Quantum Thought Shifting TM you are transformed effortlessly & permanently in just a matter of days.  

I Am Making Three Times More Money... And Living My Dream... 

"I had the dream of creating a 'Healing Fountain'.  Within a year of being Quantum Thought ShiftedTM by Pam, I had my manifested my new center!   I have tripled my income.  This year I expect to triple it again.  I was "warned" my my mentor  at the time I should not remove my Negativity so easily. She said it would be "bad" for me (she was threatened.)  Nothing could be  further from the truth--there  is nothing so freeing as removing it ALL.  You won't know what it's like until you do it.  I listened to my inner knowing and joined anyway.  I am so glad I did, it has changed my life!"

** Listen Here ** 

 ~ Pamela Hopkins, Virginia Beach, VA


So, I  finally stood up in that conference and admitted I am indeed a healer.  (Although I am quick to explain to this day I am not your typical healer!)
I have discovered a secret... the hidden reasons why it's so hard for you to change... And an innovative new solution to help you be FREE and in control... How to SHIFT into attracting money effortlessly... Now you can benefit immediately from what NO ONE else in the world knows, and all in all took me 7 years and nearly a million dollars to discover! 

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“Stop repelling money... once and for all”

And, why do you care about all that healing stuff?  Because, I can actually send my healing gift I've been  given via this CD program.  I help you go from repelling money to attracting it, because I help you be "in the energy of money" automatically--just by listening to this program.  

Did you know that with the Law of Attraction, you get what you put out?  If you are accidentally repelling money, regardless of what you are consciously aware of, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for you  to attract  it.  IMPOSSIBLE.

So, you just keep repelling money (sending money away from you) over...and over... and over....  In fact, you may even make money.  But then, you'll just lose it again... and again... and again... until you change what you are putting out.  

New Sales... Making $30K plus per Month... 

"My sales are taking off after just 3 months!  Life is good!"  (This client is currently making $30K - $50K per month 2 years after  Quantum Thought ShiftingTM ...)

Cindy Logan, Trabuco Canyon, CA 



My CD program "Be a Money Magnet
TM" actually helps you BE in the same energy as abundance... money... so you will more effortlessly attract it.  And, it does this by the healing energy in my voice on the CD.  Wow, that is still amazing to me to admit this...   

Be a Money Magnet

Quantum Thought Shifting TM is unique.  No one else on the planet is doing it.  Sure, I already have copycats out there... they have changed the name some... they may even tell others they can do it.  But, they can't.   Not  like I can.  So, even if they produced CD's like this, they would not have enough power to send such healing and energy shifting via CD.  You cannot get this healing based technology anywhere else.  Period.  

Making Four Times as Much... 

"Before Quantum Thought ShiftingTM I was struggling financially.  Now, I have made more money in the past four months than I did in the prior four years combined.  I highly recommend working with Pam.  Her work will change your life." 

 ~ Manny Goldman, New York, NY USA 





“What My Be a Money MagnetTM Program Is...”

This is NOT Hypnosis.  It is NOT NLP, EFT, a simple meditation... or anything else you have ever encountered.  With these programs, they are leading you into a state you must then achieve on your own.  In the Be a Money Magnet TM program, I'm actually putting you into a completely different energy... the energy of money and abundance.  

Simply put, my "Shift Pack TM" technology creates a shift for you in a particular area--in this case money and financial abundance.  While you are doing the simple exercises, you will BE the same energy as MONEY.  So, since you are now a match for money, you will more effortlessly attract  it to you.  

I believe in simple, effortless change.  This is what I stand for.  This is a complete program.  I explain why you don't attract money effortlessly, and how you can.  Then, I include several audio exercises designed to put  you right into the energy of abundance.  The exercises themselves are quick and simple. You will quickly take to them, regardless of your experience.  I believe we should  all be doing what we came here to do--not spending hours on end doing rituals, meditations, and exercises.  (If you are looking for something complicated, you're in the wrong place...)  

Be a money magnet CD program

In fact, you need no prior experience with any type of meditation, or even audio exercise, for this program to work for you.  Regardless of your experience level, this program works.  

This is the only program of it's kind, anywhere.  Be a Money Magnet
TM will help you:
  • More effortlessly attract money to you  
  • Understand why you may be repelling the money you have now (and how to fix it) 
  • Learn what it takes to be financially free 
  • Feel what it feels like to finally be financially free
  • Create a financial shift once and for all in your life 
  • BE in the energy of money -- so you can attract it to be financially FREE

I Created An Incredible Gift  for Myself...  

"I am soo excited.  Before working with Pam, I was struggling financially.  Now, I have created an incredible goal for myself--I was able to pay almost  $6,000 dollars at once!   The fact I created  this with what I learned from Pam made me cry.  Her work has changed my life!" 

 ~ Michele Stevenson, Northern CA, USA 

Waitress, Real Estate Agent 


This program does NOT:
  • Rely on work-at-home gimmicks 
  • Teach you how to start a specific business 
  • Simply educate you.  In fact, it provides actual healing energy right in the program! 
  • Create a one time shift.  Follow the program & recommendations, and you will change your relationship to money permanently.  
  • Require you to "figure out" how to be in a "meditative" state because I am  putting in you right the "energy of money" with the audios!

Be a money magnet CD

I Immediately Got a New Job... after  Looking for 7 Months...   

"I had been out  of work  and lookng for more than 7 months.  Within  the first week of Pam's program, I got a new job!  And, it allows me much more life balance.  I am very grateful!!"

 ~ Kristine M.,  Independence, MO USA 


“OK So I'm Scared to Ask... How Much Does it Cost?"

You might expect a program with so much power to be thousands of dollars or more.  After all, this program has the power to change your life forever.  

I charge $777 per hour to work privately with someone.  I charge $697 just for one of my Level 2 Thought Shifting
TM group programs.  My Level  4  Quantum Thought Shifting TM programs are thousands, both group and private.  

But, this program is so powerful, so life changing, that I wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible.  After all, if you are really in a horrible financial situation, no matter the investment  it will be a stretch for you.  And, when you make more money, I know I'll be able to help you more when you notice what an incredible difference this program makes in your life.  

So, for a limited time only you can get this incredible, life changing program at my deepest discount ever... Just... 

$79.97  + S/H

$29.97 + S/H

But hurry, because I can't offer this discount for very long!    And, I can only produce so many CD's at a time... so you need to hurry before these CD's SELL OUT!    

And, when you hurry, you will also get a special bonus to attend my $497  "Be a Money Magnet Seminar" for FREE!   Hurry, because quantities are limited (details and coupon inside your CD package.)

How much money have you wasted on things that haven't really made a difference in your life?  What price can you put on having financial freedom?  If you are serious about making a real change in your financial circumstances, you can't afford NOT to get this program...

To order, just get your credit card ready (I even take PayPal) and click here now! 

“What You'll Get..." 

With my Be a Money MagnetTM program,  Shifting via my special Trade Secret Shift PackTM recipe has NEVER been so accessible to the masses than it is now! 

DO NOT LET MONEY stop you from experiencing Be a Money MagnetTM!   Here is the irony... if you have money blocks, unless you do something to change them, you will just keep getting the same result.  

Einstein said it best "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them..." 

According to a recent study, 9 out of 10 people would rather DIE than change  Be a Money MagnetTM provides you the most effortless way for you to have the opportunity to attract abundance to you   Will you take it?   Are you part of the 10% who refuse to take "no" for an answer... who are  determined to change?  If so, then I'd love to help you! 

Be a Money Magnet

What is included:  
  • CD money education program  
  • CD money attraction audio exercises (several simple, quick, yet profound exercises) 
  • Quick reference guide to help you easily use the material 
  • ** Bonus:  Hurry and get one of the limited coupons to attend my Be a Money MagnetTM  Seminar for FREE -- a $497 value!  
Just have your credit card handy.  Or, you can pay via PayPal.  

You could easily pay MORE than this for JUST education... and no one else EVEN OFFERS "Shift PacksTM"... or Thought ShiftingTM!   You simply cannot get this help ANYWHERE ELSE!  


I Am No Longer Skeptical...  

"I thought Pam's Quantum Thought ShiftingTM was some kind of faith healing.  Then, on a preview call Pam did an energetic process with the group.  I IMMEDIATELY felt it.  It was like taking Vallium.  The effect continued even after the call was done.  I no longer doubted Pam's gift.  Once I was Shifted (via Quantum Thought Shifting, there was no question.  Pam and her ability to change your life is for real!"    

** Listen Here ** 

 ~ Marc Phillips, Portland, Oregon


I look forward to supporting you today!  


I'm Ready!  Sign me up...  


Be a Money MagnetTM  Shift PackTM Home Study Program 

This is the full program.  Contains Money Magnet education, all money magnet attraction audios, and quick reference guide to help you more effectively use the material.  

** Bonus:  Coupon to receive my Be a Money MagnetTM $497 seminar for FREE.  Hurry, coupon quantities are limited!!  

Be a Money Magnet

 $79.97  $29.97  **Save $40 - limited time! ** + S/H

Buy here...



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** These special discounts are good for a limited time only!  **

Let me help you take your power back.  Money brings you  power... over your life, to live life on your own terms, and more... and you DESERVE to have it!!   






P.S.  I cannot guarantee I'll be able to offer these substantial discounts in the future. DON'T MISS OUT!!!   I have NEVER OFFERED such a great opportunity to receive any form of Shifting for such a low investment!

P.P.S.  Time & time again I have heard "I got more in one session with you than in 30 (even 40) years of personal development, therapy, coaching, etc."   This is NOT your typical program!  If you think this is is going to be just like everything else... it's not.  There is just nothing like this anywhere else on the planet.  And, it's fast & effortless!   If you are ready to change your life, then DON'T MISS OUT!  


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* Thought ShiftingTM and Quantum Thought ShiftingTM are governed by the Alternative Medicine Laws of the State of California, United States.  Pam Ragland is not a doctor.  

** As a healing modality, I cannot guarantee any specific result because part of the success belongs to you.  I can promise you you'll get better results when you do the work I give you in addition to Thought ShiftingTM.  These results are representative of people who implement the homework given to them.  Most people experience a shift.  The time period varies and is dependent on the individual and how well they understand, do, and continue with their simple work they are given. 


"Dear Pam, I definitely noticed a shift.  I feel more focused, and freer to do what I came here to do.  Love to you, Jack"  

~ Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup For the Soul series co-author


"I have lost 14 pounds in the past month!"  



"Pam Ragland is the master of focused and fast transformation."    

~ Todd Canedy, CA, USA


"My fears are just like a thing of the past.  It's like I never had them.  Amazing!"    



"Not only am I effortlessly attracting whatever I choose--but I have such peace all the time." 


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