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Empowering Kids



  The History & Philosophy of Masterpiece Families 

We are a product of our childhood thoughts!   After working extensively helping adults improve for 20+ years, I noticed the same themes over and over.  I was always "undoing" negative beliefs in adults, to help them maximize their own potential. 

First, when I was transforming large companies, it was beliefs from school.  Later, I realized it started much earlier.  Statistics say 0-5 years have the biggest influence, but I really noticed it at 0-4 years.  These were normal, mainly very successful adults, who had struggled with the same challenges for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and more years, despite many attempts to improve.  These attempts included therapy, and self-help of all kinds. 

The average adult today has 97% negative thoughts/ emotions/ energy...

...And that 97% is already there by the time the average child is 18 years old!   With one third already there by age five, and 61% of our adult thoughts already there, we have some work to do with our children.  

Although I am grateful to have a very innovative and powerful way to help eliminate the negativity in my clients quickly and effortlessly, it just seemed to me that people should not have to struggle for so long.  So I asked the question "How can this negativity be prevented in the first place?"   The result is Masterpiece Kids(TM) and Masterpiece Families(TM).

Key Facts:  

  • Our thoughts create our reality

  • By the time we're 18, we have 99% of our adult thoughts
  • By age 5, we have 61% of our adult thoughts already
  • By age 1, we have 25%
  • We are born with 7% of our adult thoughts  
  • These thoughts are passed on from generation to generation, by habit
  • This is because 95% of what most of us do & think is by habit... so we don't even realize we are doing it
  • And, we don't realize how our minds work to create our reality, so we don't know the right "instructions" to put into our own mind, or give our kids
Masterpiece Kids and Families is all about how to know the right thoughts, and how to change our habits...  So our kids go into the world with  largely positive thoughts, helping them maximize their potential, and live their life purpose.  

Our methods focus in these areas:

  • Teach parents and kids to use thoughts to create what they really choose 
  • Parenting is a process of always teaching, including discipline
  • Every moment is a teaching moment 
  • Boundaries do kids a favor and build self-esteem
  • Building self-esteem from the start is of utmost importance
  • Our job as parents is to give our kids so much love, they have excess to give back to the world

We believe the potential of every child can be maximized.   They can live their intended life purpose immediately and without struggle.  Life can be effortless, abundant, and happy.  We wish this for you and your kids!  It is our mission to spread this message to billions.  If you like it, then pass it on.   

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