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Have AnythingTM  Masterpiece FamiliesTM
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What would it mean to you to get rid of the past baggage you've been dragging around, that gets in the way of living life on your terms? 

What if you could speed up the self-help process, so you can move on to really living??

Well, now you CAN...

Find Out The BIG SECRET…The Keys to MANIFESTING Easier than anywhere else...


Are you tired of how HARD it is to manifest whatever you choose?   Are you fed-up with all the effort most personal development gurus propose?  Affirmations... visualizations... mirror work... CD's... machines.  Is this all really necessary?  




The great news is, you can completely wipe your slate clean of past baggage (“negative conditioning” or "limiting self-talk")… yet keep all your hard earned wisdom.  In fact, you will gain even greater wisdom--because your intuition will be greatly enhanced.   It will finally become a trusted guide you can really count on.  


Check out our rave reviews!!



GIVE US 2 WEEKS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!   WHY DO IT THE HARD WAY???   Have you ever been frustrated by the speed at which real change happens? 


Do you KNOW there are roadblocks & limitations in your way, but understanding--& especially eliminating them--seems to be an endless challenge? 


Have you tried AFFIRMATIONS & VISUALIZATIONS, but found them to be full of EFFORT and SLOW? 



 Have you ever thought that there MUST be a better & faster way? 


Would you like to experience a life full of EFFORTLESS MANIFESTING? 



    What if you could raise your personal vibrational frequency to 400 times that of the average person?  Causing you to continually expand who you are and be open to greater and greater possibilities... 


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this program is for you.  (Click here to see scientific results)  Learn why roadblocks exist, and why it’s so hard to change them.  Knowledge is power!  Find out the big secret many personal development people don’t want you to know…there is now a program available to ELIMINATE self-limiting beliefs in an average of ONE MONTH!    WOW!! 


Benefits of Have Anything:  Manifesting Made Easy™:


= No longer be a slave to past negative conditioning running your life

= Finally live your life on purpose (and know what your purpose is!)

= Waltz through life effortlessly knowing the right steps for you, being “in the flow”

= Immediately set into motion manifesting whatever you choose

= Live life totally on your own terms “Have Anything™”

= Experience the freedom and peace you long for

= Live a life full of pleasure and joy 


 WOW.  Is this all really possible?   YES!  

(Click Here to find out more now) 


Pam Ragland is an internationally known Thought Shift™ expert, speaker, author, & teacher.  She was gifted with introducing the Thought Shifting™ & Quantum Thought Shifting™ methods to the planet, which offer a brand new & radically transformational form of “healing” at the highest levels.   


Pam became an expert in removing & providing understanding about our most stubborn roadblocks, through the gift of divine inspiration, and her own experience.     


She is all about living life effortlessly.  Clients describe her as “A Master in focused & fast transformation”.  Her passion is revealing the “Masterpiece” she sees in every human, allowing people to freely live their highest purpose & potential. 


Pam has been continually improving her ability to effortlessly eliminate self limiting beliefs and roadblocks in herself and her clients, over the past 22 Years.  In her popular teleclasses, she shares some of the groundbreaking secrets and innovations she has discovered with you!  She also demonstrates Thought Shifting(TM) by providing a free session to 1 or 2 people right on the call.  This is a $277 value!    


  Click Here to register for our next teleclass  now    


What is covered in the Teleclass?

The key to eliminating anything is to first understand it.  Pam shares her groundbreaking research on the source of negative roadblocks (conditioning), and why it’s so challenging to remove them with traditional methods.  Learn why these methods often take a lifetime—if they work at all—and how it is possible to speed up that process dramatically.  


Pam uses this process she was divinely gifted with to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE ALL past negative roadblocks, in her clients who have participated in this groundbreaking process she calls Quantum Thought Shifting™.  There is absolutely nothing like it on the planet!   Move past personal development to PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION.   

Pam has even shifted children and pets!!    



7 things you should know :
1.  Why negative roadblocks exist in the first place  

2.  The three reasons we don't manifest what we choose 

3.  Why most negative roadblocks are so hard to eliminate  

4.  The root cause of most roadblocks  

5.  Common ways to identify/eliminate your own roadblocks 

6.  Common methods to manifest what you choose  

7.  What is available to manifest much more quickly, by eliminating all  negative roadblocks in 6 weeks or less  


If you're content to do things the hard way, this program is not for you.  Would you like to do it effortlessly?  Click Here to apply now 



Who is this for?
Anyone who really wants to manifest whatever they choose effortlessly, who wants to live their life on purpose, or who wants to really understand and learn about eliminating whatever is in their own way.   Coaches and consultants, you will also gain greater insight into helping your clients &ability to do so.  

(Click Here to find out more now)   




Who's leading this program?
Pam Ragland is a master at helping people transform quickly and effortlessly.  For 22+ years, Pam has helped people change in various settings. She led multiple quality departments, and as an executive in a worldwide consulting company oversaw large scale company transformations. 


No matter the business challenge, she learned whether or not a change “sticks” always comes down to people & their individual roadblocks. 


In 2000, she started her own coaching business called Aiming Higher.  Pam's training comes from world leaders.  She helped the highly regarded Master Coach Jennifer White create her exclusive and renowned coaching programs, and also had the fortune of being mentored by Thomas Leonard (both of whom have since passed away).  Later, she was trained by Tom Stone in both the Wavemaker™, and as one of the first Core Dynamics Teachers. 


Still, Pam kept looking for a better way to really help her clients transform quickly & effortlessly.  In November, 2004, she was gifted with a new way to help her clients transform faster than anything on the planet today.  Pam has since been using this new method she calls Quantum Thought Shifting™ in a program called “Have Anything:  Manifesting Made Easy™”  to take people to new heights. 
(Click Here to find out more now)



Remove ALL your negative roadblocks...

fastest method on the planet!

- Know WHY you have all that baggage 

- So you can learn NEW TOOLS to eliminate it 

Find out about our next Teleclass here 

 It's Free and without obligation

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"Pam Ragland is the master of focused and fast transformation."    

Todd Canedy, CA, USA


"My fears are just like a thing of the past.  It's like I never had them.  Amazing!"    



"I was date raped 29 years ago.  Suddenly, literally over night, instead of negatively impacting me I now have compassion for him.  This program is incredible, but I never expected to be free of that.  It is an added bonus!"  



"I have lost 14 pounds in the past month!"  



"Not only am I effortlessly attracting whatever I choose--but I have such peace all the time."  




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