“Who else wants to learn the secrets to actually helping those you care about (or your clients), instead of hurting them by accident?  

You mean well.  But, are you helping--or are you really hurting?  How do you know?  Learn what many people need to learn yet have never discovered....  So you can truly help those you care about.

What if you had a way to tell whether you are helping your loved one, or hurting them?    Give us just five minutes of your time here, and we'll point you to a new resource where you can discover exactly that... 

Want to understand the difference between "Caretaking"  and being compassionate or loving?  Know when you have crossed the line from helpful to harmful?      

I will share with you what I learned the hard way...  What "Caretaking" really means...  How you can begin to identify when you are Caretaking...  And what you can do instead so you REALLY ARE helping people!    I have spend the past 6 years discovering the difference for myself... and now I am sharing that secret with you!     

- Pam Ragland, Aiming Higher   


Caretaking/Co-Dependency/Energy Drains... 

"Almost immediately after my Thought ShiftTM I had a huge Caretaking ah-hah moment. Several actually. I am noticing those people I am Caretaking and who are taking my energy as soon as I talk to them. I am just aware of it now. Which is excellent, because I can start to deal with those situations where my energy is being drained immediately. I feel better and I'm actually helping more."

~ Zurino Ostroman, Kelowna, BC, Canada 


What if I told you your  "helping" may actually be hurting?  This was a hard lesson for me the day I realized it, for sure.  After all, I care about people.  I love to help.  What on earth do you mean that my help may not actually be helping?  Argh, that was soooo hard to hear...     

Because I have learned this lesson the hard way -- in fact I am a single mom with two kids because of my Caretaking -- I can tell you this... 

With my "End Family Addictions" formula learn how... 

  • Many people who mean well and are trying to help actually hurt the ones they love most in the end...  

  • Or, just as unfortunate, you end up hurting yourself 

  • And worse, because you mean well, you actually believe you are helping  

  • You are unclear about when you are crossing the line from helping to hurting 

  • You don't realize why your help does not actually help 

  • Which makes it really hard to set "boundaries" with those you care about

  • Especially those you care about the most... 

  • Worse, you don't see the harmful impact this has to you, them, or both ... or how to change this destructive dynamic

  • And the kicker of them all... To realize if you are Caretaking, you are actually being selfish...  and why that is

These discoveries are the number one reason you may THINK you are helping, but in reality you are not.  It can be a hard message to hear when you believe you are helping, that instead you are making it worse.   Trust me, I know...   

Whether you are a coach, therapist, family member of an addict, or just someone who is always looking to help... This information can mean the difference between your ability to truly help the one you love, and instead getting in their way by accident.  Or, getting in your own way--and even possibly making yourself sick.  

In fact, Caretaking is such a problem it's nearly an epidemic.  We simply don't clearly understand when to let people take responsibility for themselves... or when it's hurting you.  

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What would it mean to you to feel you are very clear about whether you are really helping or not, every time?  To see your loved one (or client) actually benefit from this change in YOU?   To help people without feeling drained or getting so tired?   To feel at peace knowing you have done all you can to help, and you can let it go?  

Well, now you CAN...

Learn whether you are Caretaking... or not... and what to do about it!!  

New Boundaries...

"I have been Caretaking my teenager daughter, who is an addict, for so long I didn't realize my own behavior.  It drained me and it never really helped her.  Today, I set appropriate boundaries, and I am much more clear about when I'm really helping.  In the end, it has actually helped her more."  

 ~ Name withheld for privacy, CA, USA 


No one else is really talking about Caretaking like this... And, the reason is, most people are still struggling themselves to figure this out.  Sure, people talk about things like co-dependency.  But, what does that mean?  It is more than not buying the addict in your life drugs for example.   It is more than "setting boundaries" with your clients or friends.  Much more... 

Do you have some of these "signs of a caretaker"??:

  • People come to you again and again for help...yet you hear the same story over and over  (you may even think "We already talked about that!")

  • People expect you to be available for them at their whim (and may even get mad when you aren't)

  • You dread hearing from one or more people because of how you feel afterwards... drained

  • You feel compelled to help, do work for free, pick up the check, or feel sorry for people financially

  • You wonder if you are really helping... people may even GET MAD AT YOU for trying to help them!

  • You tolerate way too much from people -- excuses, blaming, lack of responsibility

  • You may even be totally burned out on helping... or be close to burnout

  • You say "yes" way too much ... or you can't say "no"


Does any of this sound like you?  If so... 

GIVE ME JUST A FEW HOURS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!   This unique program includes:

  • Nearly 4 hours of MP3 audio discussing Caretaking:  What it is, how to identify it, and how to know when it is draining you, in great detail

  • Audio that  includes real-life questions and answers about specific Caretaking situations 

  • An Action Guide (PDF) with homework, so you can identify your own Caretaking tendencies--and begin taking immediate actions to correct them 

  • All delivered digitally, so it is available to you immediately -- even if it's 2am!

Do you KNOW when your actions are crossing the line from helping into Caretaking?   Do you even know what Caretaking is?  Have you admitted to yourself you may need to change something about yourself, to help the ones you love and care about?  Or, are you just not sure and need to find out?  This program answers all these questions!


So, what difference can all this make to your life?    

Benefits of the Have Anything™ Caretaking Program:

  • Identify your  own negative behaviors that may be hurting the ones you love 
  • Be able to truly help, because you have STOPPED CARETAKING  
  • Gain more energy, as you quit giving it to others by accident 
  • Feel satisfaction because you can finally recognize when you are helping... or not 
  • Watch your loved ones step up to actually take more responsibility and improve
  • Be able to help more people if you want to, because you aren't so drained by helping a few
  • If your Caretaking is financial, be left with or even make more money, as you learn what is appropriate for financial boundaries 
...and just plain old have a sense of peace because you are finally clear about what actions you should take, whether it's for an addicted loved one, a client, or a friend.  


WOW.  Is this all really possible?   YES!  

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Why did I develop this program?
I grew up Caretaking.   I was molested as a child, and felt frustrated with a court system that would not even prosecute the man. But, by telling, I had "saved" 20 other children he was also molesting.  At 4, this was my first known act of real service to people--and also when I got  the idea "Caretaking" others was part of my "job"...   

I grew up with addictions all around me, and continued my Caretaking pattern.   My mother, step fathers, grandfather, and later my younger sister who was addicted to Meth for 12 years were all addicts.  To this day my mother is still an addict, having been arrested recently for selling drugs.  It used to be she only called me when she needed money (until I set different boundaries for our relationship.)   And, I had "caretakers" all around me, and learned to be one myself for many years.  My first husband was emotionally and physically abusive, and I later had to acknowledge I was Caretaking him.   

My next husband left me while I was out of town for business, cleaning out the house of all our belongings and mine too, and also cleaning out all my bank accounts.  He left me completely broke and wondering how I would pay my house payment (he even got my 3 week vacation payout check!), while he hid over $100,000 of money that belonged to me.   Later--much later--I realized I had been "financially" Caretaking him.  

Then, I became a workaholic, which eventually led to cancer, and later on pneumonia that would not respond to antibiotics.  As an executive in a worldwide consulting company, I oversaw large scale company transformations as an organizational turnaround specialist.  Upon reflection, I had to admit I was doing this work because I was Caretaking the employees in the large corporations I consulted to, trying to "protect them" from their "horrible" managers!!  

Then, six years ago I discovered I was pregnant.  I had already split up with the father because he was (once again) abusive.  When I met him, I had asked "I wonder why  I'm in his life?"   BINGO... Caretaking!!   Because I had just been assaulted by him then learned I was pregnant, my doctor sent me to a Therapist.  While the Therapist was not particularly useful, she said one thing on the first visit:  "Pam, you are kind of a Caretaker."  

Well... I fought that idea for a while.  Eventually, I quit going to her.  But, gradually I began to see the real truth of it.  And, I saw how it had colored the landscape of my entire life.  I refused to go back to him just because I was pregnant.  Finally, after needing to go through a second pregnancy alone, and becoming a single mom before my child was even born, it was time for a change!   

But wait... it is not always easy to stop Caretaking!!!  It's a learning process.  Once my daughter was born, I heard "I have changed..." from her dad.  Oh, the words that melt a Caretaker's heart...  I let him back.  And, walaaaa, two months later I realized he had NOT changed.  But, by then I was pregnant...again.  Again, another  pregnancy alone.  That was the last straw!!   I have never let him back...    

Today, my life is one many would dream of.  I own my own business.  The single mom of 2 small kids, I get to spend time with them like many stay-at-home moms. I send them to private school, paying for it all myself.  I choose my own flexible schedule, working just part-time with a full-time income.  I have a horse and ride him regularly.  I am the first in my family to surpass earning 6 figures.  I am living life on my own terms.  My life is full of passion, potential, and I am totally living on purpose.   I even know clearly what my purpose is!   And, gratefully, I now get to use all that traumatic life experience to help people overcome their own challenges.     

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Pam's Background...  

Pam is a master at helping people who are ready to grow transform quickly and effortlessly.  For 24+ years, Pam has helped people change in various settings. She led multiple quality departments in corporations.  As an executive in a worldwide consulting company, Pam oversaw large scale company transformations as an organizational turnaround specialist.  Her intention is and always has been to help people change as quickly and effortlessly as possible.    No matter the business challenge, Pam learned whether or not a change “sticks” always comes down to people & their individual roadblocks. 

In 2000, after her second major illness in four years due to being a workaholic, and a husband who had just left her, Pam got a clue that her lifestyle was no longer working.  She started her own coaching business called Aiming Higher.  Pam's training comes from world leaders.  She helped the highly regarded Master Coach Jennifer White create her exclusive and renowned "Work Less, Make More" and corporate coaching programs.  Pam also had the fortune of being mentored by Thomas Leonard (both of whom have since passed away).  Later, she was trained by Tom Stone in both the Wavemaker™, and as one of the first Core Dynamics Teachers. 

Still, it felt like "pulling teeth" to help people change issue by issue.  So, Pam kept looking for a better way to really help her clients transform more quickly & effortlessly.  She surpassed traditional coaching.  In November, 2004, she was gifted with introducing the Thought Shifting™ & Quantum Thought Shifting™ methods to the planet, which offer a brand new & radically transformational form of removing past limitations at the highest levels, and connecting people back to their true power.   Pam likes to say we all came into this world as a Masterpiece,  and little by little we get all covered up.  Pam is like the "paint remover", removing the heavy layers so our true glory can be revealed.   

As a result, she has used this new method to help her clients transform faster than anything else available on the planet today.  Pam now uses Quantum Thought Shifting™ in a program called “Have Anything™”,  to take people to new heights. 

Today, Pam Ragland is an internationally known Thought Shift™ expert, speaker, author, & teacher.  

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How Does the Have AnythingTM Caretaking Program  Work? 

This is a self-study informational program.  Two audios, recorded live, over 4 hours in total, discuss Caretaking and other things that drain your energy.   

Then, you will use the mini-workbook to learn more, and discover more about yourself.  

If you're like most people, you will listen to the audio again and again, as you discover more about your own reactions, Caretaking, and what you can do to change.   

There is nothing else like this program!   It brings clarity to the answer "What is Caretaking and how do I know if I am doing it?"  It also helps you change your own behavior.... 


7 things you should know:

1.  The definition of "Caretaking" 

2.  How Caretaking harms others 

3.  How Caretaking harms you 

4.  Why Caretaking limits your financial success, ESPECIALLY if you help people for a profession 

5.  Why Caretaking hurts the people you love & Caretake

6.  How  to begin changing this destructive pattern once and for all 

7.  How to increase your energy as a result of learning all this... 

If you're content to keep harming yourself and others, or you insist on holding on to your Caretaking lifestyle, this program is not for you.  But, if you are ready to REALLY help those you care about... 

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Who is this for?

Anyone who cares about people and who TRULY wants to help them.  You may have an addicted loved one.   You may be a  Coach, Consultant, Therapist, or Doctor who would  benefit from gaining greater insight into helping your clients, & gain a greater ability to do so objectively.  You may just be a "good friend" and wonder why on earth you are soooo tired all the time.   If you deal with people, you may be Caretaking in one form or another.


So, how much is it? 

How much would you expect to pay for a program that does so much?  How can you put a price on really helping people be free in their own lives?  How much money are you giving up because of your Caretaking?   Not to mention the cost to your life of losing your energy to others, worry over whether or not you are making the right choice for your loved ones and clients, and in the end helping those you care about even more.   

I charge more than $1,000 per hour to work privately with clients.  You might expect to pay $500 or more for such a remarkable program if you could even find it anywhere else.   But, I want this program to be accessible to everyone.  So, I have kept the price as reasonable as possible, while still reflecting the value you are getting. 

To be sure as many people will benefit from this incredibly transformational program as possible, I have kept the price at just 



for the entire package.    

Raise the bar.  Expect more from yourself, and you will get  more in return!

Click here to buy now...Hurry before the price goes back up! 

To your success!!  

"Dear Pam, I definitely noticed a shift.  I feel more focused, and freer to do what I came here to do.  Love to you, Jack"  Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup For the Soul series co-author, Teacher "The Secret"

"I have lost 14 pounds in the past month!"  


"Pam Ragland is the master of focused and fast transformation."    

Todd Canedy, CA, USA

"My fears are just like a thing of the past.  It's like I never had them.  Amazing!"    


"Not only am I effortlessly attracting whatever I choose--but I have such peace all the time."