If you wonder if or know you're addicted, or have an addicted loved one:     

“Who Else Wants To Learn 'Secrets' That Most People Will Never Know About Whether You're Addicted, Why Addictions Happen in the First Place, and How To Really Be Free of Addictions Once and For All..." 


"Give me just a few minutes of your time, and I'll reveal the most powerful breakthrough discovery to enable you to finally be free of your addictions since the 12 Steps came on the scene in 1939.  If you have wondered why addictions are so hard to be free of permanently, what it actually takes to be free of addictions, or even if you have wondered if you or a loved one  actually are addicted, then look no further...  

I have discovered the never before revealed secrets about WHY addictions are such a mystery and a battle...  About WHY you are likely to attend at least 3 rehabs or addiction programs...   Yet even after all that, WHY only 3% of you will be free of your addiction...  And WHY nearly all of you will still trade your old addiction for a new one... (Shockingly, some rehabs even encourage "secondary addictions" to boost their "success" numbers, because they just don't know how to solve your addiction...)  WHY addictions are just plain old hard to be free of permanently ...  

This leading edge information explains why addictions are such a stubborn problem... why harmless actions can turn into an addiction... And, the breakthrough now available to finally help you create a lasting, permanent shift to freedom from addiction.  I even reveal the absolutely essential elements to actually be free from the pain and trauma of addictions...

I share with you the hidden reasons why it's so hard to stop your addiction... And the revolutionary solution I spent 7 years and nearly a million dollars to discover!  

- Pam Ragland, Aiming Higher


...I definitely feel more focused, and freer ...

"Dear Pam, After Thought ShiftingTM I definitely feel more focused, and freer to do what I came here to do.  Love to you, Jack"

~ Jack Canfield, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series co-author, and Teacher "The Secret" movie (worked with Pam for personal development, not addictions)


"Pam, Why Do You Care So Much About Addictions?"


I grew up in an addictive family--not just a household.  My step father was an alcoholic who was continually gone on "binges", leaving us without any money or even food.  My grandfather was an alcoholic, who would hide beer in the coffee pot (telling me it was "weak coffee"), and who  later became disabled after crashing driving drunk.  One of my sisters was a Meth addict for more than a dozen years, giving up her kids and all her earthly possessions, because of the strong hold of illegal drugs.  

My mother was addicted to prescription pain killers and "recreational drugs" nearly my entire childhood.  I was taken away from her as a teenager because of it, and ended up living in Foster Homes, the later with my Grandma.   My mother still is addicted to this day...  In fact, she was arrested just a couple years ago for selling drugs, after someone beat her up and stole her Oxycontin stash she had been selling.  (She still denies she did anything to this day.)     




...I feel free of my addictions and instead have a "natural high" ...  

"I used to drink and smoke Pot daily.  Pam Thought Shifted™  me only partially at first, and within a few months I completely stopped smoking Pot and wasn’t drinking much.  Then, she Thought Shifted™  me to remove all my Negativity.  I no longer got the same  “high” immediately, so I just quit everything.  Now, I can have a sip of wine with my family and I’m fine. 

Even better, now I have noticed I get quite intoxicated thinking about ecstasy, gratitude, generosity, mirth and abundance.  When I do “energy work” I am totally blissed out and centered.  This is the lifestyle I most identify with now.”  

-- W. A., Psychiatrist, New York, USA 



As you can imagine, being surrounded by addicts has brought a lot of pain to my life.  Addictions robbed me of my childhood, since my mom was never "there" (physically or emotionally due to the drugs), and I became the family Caretaker.  I ended up raising my youngest sister when I lived with my mother, feeding and caring for her as a baby--she even slept with me.  I continued raising her as a teenager, when I took her away from my mother, who left her alone in hotel rooms at the age of 12--and even encouraged her 16 year old boyfriend to give her drugs.       

Addictions can make people do awful things.  (But, as you'll read in my book, if you have an addiction it's not even your fault!)   



"I just wanted to help my family... "


I lived many helpless days and nights wanting to help my family members be free of their addictions, but being unable to really understand this horrendous problem--let alone help them...  including countless times I wondered if my other sister was dead or alive.  More than once my she called me, telling me she was homeless, living in a hotel with someone.  Actually, she was usually staying with a series of people.  I don't know one person who lives in a hotel, let alone a bunch of them.  It was like a scene from a bad movie.  

Another time, she claimed to have a "learning disability"--yet read ten books a month when we grew up together.  She told me when she read, everything looked all jumbled.  "It's affecting  her brain now", I thought.  It was a horrible, helpless feeling watching her destroy her life with drugs, yet not knowing enough to even help...       




...I stopped being a slave to sex ...

 "After Pam Thought ShiftedTM me, I stopped being a slave to sex.  I used to be addicted...I could never get enough.  Ironically, I didn't  even enjoy it any longer.  I just needed more.  I didn't even know you could get addicted to sex.  Now, after being "shifted" I actually enjoy sex again!  "   

-- M. K. (name withheld for privacy), CA, USA 



I have also seen first hand how this devastation is passed on to the next generation.  My sister abandoned her kids when they were just 3 and 4 years old.  I'll never forget my niece asking me to "find her", when my sister once again failed to show up for visitation.  "Aunt Pam, we HAVE to find her.  Her car looks like this..."  she cried, full of tears, with the innocence of a 4 year old child.  As if I could actually know where my sister was just by her car...  I had tears streaming down my face  at the heartbreak my young niece was going through.  (In fact, I still can't write this even today without crying.)   It literally broke my heart to watch how drugs were affecting the smallest and most innocent of bystanders--the children of my addict sister.  

My sister, who was living in someone's garage had not given anyone the address, had no phone, and had absolutely no idea the pain she was causing her children.  Later, she blamed the mishap on their dad, claiming he had lied to me and that she wasn't really supposed to visit.  Yet, I had talked to her myself.  It literally broke my heart.  I sobbed, and had no choice but to return the kids back to their dad's house, who finally told me how many times she had failed to show up for visitation.  Yet, I knew she loved her kids...    



"I Wondered, 'What on Earth is Going On?  

WHY do People Get Addicted?' "


"What on earth is going on?",  I wondered.   What causes someone to get to this point in their life, where they lie, cheat, steal, and even give up their  mothering  instinct for drugs?   Where they haven't held down a job or even had a driver's license for more than 10 years?   Where they would do anything just to support their addiction?  

"WHY do people get addicted?" I asked.  (Now, I have discovered the real answer to this question!  It's a breakthrough you have never read about before because no one else knows the information I share in this book.  I have also learned your addiction is totally reversible!  More in a minute...)   




...My drug dealer actually threw a bag of Pot at me to get me to come back to him ...   

"Pam Thought ShiftedTM me, and the longer since my shift, the less I craved my drugs such as Pot & Cocaine.  My drug dealer actually came to my house and threw a bag of Pot at me to get me to come back to him!   I just gave it away.  For the first time in my life since I can remember, I actually feel free..."   

-- S. S. (name withheld for privacy), USA 



Then, one day at work in Denver I had an amazing insight, which I credit to my later  discoveries about addictions.  So much so, I will never forget it...   

I worked for one of the top 4 consulting  companies on the planet.  They prided themselves on hiring nothing but the best and the brightest.  I was out of town, and went to lunch with some colleagues.   For some reason I mentioned my sister and her battles with addiction, thinking surely we were the only dysfunctional family at the table (and that our dysfunction was why my sister was addicted), since the rest of these bright people must have normal families.  

As I went around the table, it turns out there were six of us at the table--and six people who each had a family member with a serious addiction!  "Wow", I thought, "It doesn't matter what kind of family you come from, you can still become addicted.  I wondered WHY?"  

Meanwhile, I also noticed something else important at that moment with my consulting colleagues.  Most addicts are operating as "victims".  They believe they have no control over their life, so therefore they lose all hope of being free of their addiction.  Again, I wondered "WHY?"   (I share this answer with you, and many others, in my e-book...) 



"All that Wondering 'WHY?' Has Led Me to 

Some Amazing Discoveries about What Causes Addictions... and How to Treat Them"


All that wondering and asking "WHY?" has led me to the discoveries I share with you in this one-of-a-kind book...  You won't get this information anywhere else, because no one else knows the answer to all these reasons why people get addicted in the first place.  No one. And they certainly don't know how to really fix  it.  Or, they would have done it by now.   

You know this is true--otherwise why on earth do we hear about all these celebrities with addictions, DUI's, and even drug related deaths day after day after day?   This is a problem that no amount of money is fixing.  Obviously, there has been  something missing  in how we have tackled this problem that reaches every corner of the globe.   The secret is in  what I have come to learn...  And this is the first time I have been ready to share all this with the world.  

Sure, I've hinted at it.  I have mentioned pieces.  I have even shared more details with my personal development clients.  And, yes, I have shared  some of it with those I have helped.    

"Why, Pam, if you have something so great have you waited?" you may ask.  OK...here is the real reason.  I know I'm going up against the traditional "rehab" and "addiction program" establishment.  The  truth is, I just haven't been ready to put myself into the middle of that conflict whirlwind.  Many of those programs, who are making a lot of money using the old ways, are not going to like what I have to say.  And, if they are making a lot of money doing it their way, they may be very vocal about it.  

After all--besides my discoveries, I'm not a doctor.  (Although I was going to be  one  early on.)  I'm not a therapist.  I'm not a 'certified addiction counselor'.  I'm just a normal person, intent on helping people as quickly and effortlessly as possible, who has hit upon the secrets to solving a massive and worldwide problem.   WHY addictions happen and WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.  

And, I have little kids--I haven't wanted to subject them to anything.  I'm a busy, busy single mom.  But, the truth is...I can't stand seeing people's lives devastated any longer.  And, the deaths are just senseless.  It literally brings tears to my eyes every time I see people die needlessly.  This problem is SO fixable,  and it's so PREVENTABLE.  So--I'm ready to share.  And, now you can benefit.   



Table of Contents:

1.  Overview 

2.  Introduction 

3.  Why #1 -- Do you know when your harmless habit is progressing into an addiction?  

4.  Why #2 -- Addicted people share common characteristics

5.  Why #3 -- The birth of habits into addictions is predictable

6.  Why #4 -- There is a secret, hidden force behind all addictions

7.  Why #5 -- Progressively worse... How habits go from neutral to a severe addiction varies by habit (details on major addictions)

8.  Why #6 -- Actually erasing addictions for good is a complicated process

9.  Why #7 -- Addictions are a big business... and one that needs improvement

10.  Erasing addictions -- the 3 Keys

11.  Conclusion


Nearly 400 full pages of content!!   

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"Pam, Have You Actually Used This System and Thought ShiftingTM Yourself?"  


Yes--I have battled my own addictions to work and food.  I worked 80 hours a week, every week--impacting my relationships, health, and life.  In 1986 I even got cancer--and that barely slowed me down.   (Well, I took 8 weeks off work, then went right back to my workaholic lifestyle.  I simply didn't know how to do it any differently back then.)   

Although I have never been obese, I have definitely had my times of using food as emotional comfort, unable to stop eating.  I remember thinking afterwards, "Why do I do this?  Why can't I stop?"  

And, being the Caretaker for our entire family took its toll on me.  I know this was a huge part of the reason I got cancer--very common in those who insist on trying to take care of the world.  And, trust me-- I fell into this category.  (But, using the methods I will tell you about, I have even learned to stop Caretaking.)     

Thought ShiftingTM has freed me from all of this.  It has literally changed my life.  And, as an added bonus, I even know my purpose and I'm living it.  It is so exciting!   (My purpose includes helping you and others who suffer from addiction, by the way... )  

Thankfully, my own discovery has not only helped others--but I have also been able to help myself.  My quest to help you all led me to discover the breakthrough technique I later called Thought ShiftingTM By applying this technique to myself, I have been able to shift from 80 hours a week, to a flexible schedule where I get to take my kids to school, spend time with them, and I get to be like a stay at home mom.  Yet, I still get to run a business where I help people like you.   Because of Thought ShiftingTM I feel blessed.   

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And now, I basically eat what I want, in total awareness and control of myself and what I am eating.  Do I still eat  sweets?  Of course!   This is normal and natural.  It's just that food no longer has control of me.  I am in the driver's seat of my life!!   Not my work or food.... 

And, I have learned to stop giving up myself, and my energy, to Caretaking.  It is rare people can really drain me or "suck me dry" of energy any longer.   I can set good boundaries.  I let people take responsibility for themselves.  No more co-dependent type of behavior.   This way, I am doing us both a favor!   In the end, everyone wins.  



"Pam, How Did You Discover these Revolutionary Breakthroughs to Erase Addictions?"


Initially I was just trying to help people change more effortlessly and quickly.  With quick and effortless as my focus, I first started measuring the extent of our "issues".  I was shocked.  NO ONE else has done these measures... I share those key results and how they drive addictions, in my new e-book "The 7 Whys' of Addiction:  The Hidden Secrets that Cause Addictions, and the 3 Keys to Finally be Free of Them"   

Once I realized the extent of what we're really dealing with, I started really focusing on a more effective way to help people.  I then discovered a new technology I call "Thought ShiftingTM", which had remarkable results for my clients.  I was helping people erase negative "baggage", "self talk", and traumas in their way of living life on purpose, making more money, having healthy relationships, stopping their Caretaking, and the like.  As simply a side effect people began telling me their addictions were gone!   

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And, I'm not talking about "minor" addictions (if there is such a thing)--I'm talking about major life destroying addictions to things like Heroin, Cocaine, Pot, Meth, Anorexia, Bulimia (yes, these eating disorders are technically addictions... they act and are caused from all the same things as any other addiction), and the huge, growing problem of sex addictions.   Report after report from my clients told me of this "unexpected side effect" of my  new Thought ShiftingTM technology.  I didn't even know they were addicted to anything, since that's not what they came to me for!  




...In less than two hours my intense Heroin withdrawals were gone ...   

"Pam walked up to me and immediately knew I was addicted to, and withdrawaling from, Heroin.   I was even homeless at several points in my life.  Pam Thought ShiftedTM me, and it was amazing. In less than 2 hours my intense Heroin withdrawals were gone.   Suddenly, it was so much easier to say "no" to an addiction that had been with me for 7 years of my life. "   

- A. B. (name withheld for privacy), New York, USA 



This system and the results are so revolutionary, and make such a difference in people's lives, I couldn't even wait to get this book into print to get the information out to you. The traditional publishing approach would just take too long--and how many lives would be lost or damaged in the mean time?  (My book agent won't be too happy when he finds out I've gone ahead without him on this one!)  

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"How Did You Learn So Much About Helping 

People Like Me be Free of Addictions?"


After learning I was helping people with addictions by accident, I set out to start intentionally helping people with addictions. I asked "WHY" a whole lot more.  And, I have made some amazing discoveries as a result.  I began searching for the reasons why addictions are  so prevalent.  Why do they cross all economic boundaries, age boundaries (baby boomers are dying of drug overdoses in this country second only to car accidents), social class boundaries, religions, nationalities, and even country boundaries?  WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY... ???? 

And, all that searching was not in vain.  My intense desire to dissect this problem, and discover a solution, paid off.   But, it took a ton of time, dedication, money, effort, and asking "WHY" on my part.  I've  even had to fend off "status quo" addiction programs, who don't like what I have discovered about their real effectiveness.  (You should see the e-mails I have gotten from some people who have gotten wind of what I have learned.  Oh, my!)   Yet, I have also gotten many requests for help from addiction counselors with a real desire to help their clients, and who clearly see that what is available today is just not working.  Again, all you need to do is listen to the news in any given week to hear about one celebrity or another who is back in rehab again, or who has died of a drug overdose.   More than 7 years,  and more than half a million dollars later, I finally have a ton of information, and a brand new way to treat addictions, I can now share with the world. 




 ...I almost lost everything to my Heroin addiction... Now I feel free... 

"I'm a professional.  No one knew I used to have a drug problem.  But, I had battled addictions all my life.  One day, the pressure was just too much and I went on a long Heroin binge.   I drained all our accounts, and disappeared.  My wife, who had no idea I was ever an addict, was distraught.  My family was devastated.  I almost lost everything.  My family.  My job.  My life.  

Then, Pam Thought ShiftedTM me.  I stopped craving my drugs.  She even removed my withdrawals immediately, and in what can only be called a miracle even my infected track marks.  Today, I have my wife, family, and my life back.  I was promoted at work.  Amazingly, I can even drink an occasional beer and not worry.  I feel free for the first time I can ever remember."   

-- J. S. (name withheld for privacy), USA 



"Is there Anyone it Doesn't Work For?"


The "3 Keys" included in my e-book "The 7 Whys' of Addiction:  The Hidden Secrets that Cause Addictions, and the 3 Keys to Finally be Free of Them" are a process which includes telling you what your part is in successfully fighting your addiction.  Basically, if you are determined to change and take responsibility for your life, you qualify.   You don't need to know how to change to benefit--I cover that in the book.  If you are buying this book for a loved one who is not quite ready to change, this ebook will help you understand their problem more.  Armed with that deep understanding, you may be able to feed them the information they need to make a different choice.  Ultimately, your decision to fight your addiction (or theirs) is a choice.   Once  you choose, I outline what is necessary to finally be free from your addiction.


You may have an addiction yourself.  If so, I hope your life has never been as low or desperate as my sister's was.  What I know for sure, is unchecked, your addiction will just continue to get worse.   If you haven't already, you don't have to get to that place where your entire life is in upheaval!   I have even uncovered the secret about WHY addictions just continue to escalate, getting worse and worse--and I explain this phenomenon in great detail in my e-book "The 7 Whys' of Addiction:  The Hidden Secrets that Cause Addictions, and the 3 Keys to Finally be Free of Them"  

I will share with you why, contrary to what nearly everyone tells you, when you have an addiction IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!     

Once you realize what is really going on, you are armed with new information to address your own addiction, or that of your family members.  You will stop settling for solutions that have no hope of helping you be free, because they really don't address the root cause of your issues.  Or, they just plain old take too long... 

You may even wonder if you, or a family member, has an addiction in the first place.  In The 7 Whys of Addiction, I even explain how harmless actions can grow into addictions, and how to recognize the difference.  This way, you can know for yourself if you or a family member are actually addicted.   

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"Pam, Should I Read This Book if it is My Loved One, Not Me, Who is Addicted?  Will it Help?"


If you're a family member or loved one, you will learn more about your loved one's addiction, so you can stop getting in their way.  So many times I have even seen family members blaming the addict in your life, or even feeling like a victim of their addiction yourself--simply because you don't understand it.   The information in this book will help you to truly be in a place of understanding and neutrality--so you can finally truly help them, armed with new knowledge of what is causing their addiction in the first place

Who knows, you may even be the family Caretaker (also known as "co-dependent") like I wasIf so, I am sorry to tell you--you are hurting the addict in your life, and you are hurting yourself.  In my e-book, I share with you more about the difference between supporting and loving your addicted loved one (which is useful), and Caretaking or enabling them (which is harmful.)   

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When you get your copy of  "The 7 Whys' of Addiction:  The Hidden Secrets that Cause Addictions, and the 3 Keys to Finally be Free of Them" you'll learn these secrets ...

  • My leading edge research that shows why it's so hard to be permanently free of addictions (information found nowhere else)

  • How to identify when your harmless actions could become an addiction, and how to identify if you are already addicted 

  • The hidden secret behind all addictions which must be eliminated to be permanently free of your addiction

  • The one thing every addicted person must do before you can even treat your addiction...let alone  be free of it 

  • The 7 reasons you get addicted in the first place   

  • How well meaning family members can actually worsen your loved one's addictions

  • The three essential keys to permanently erasing addictions of any kind 

  • Pam's groundbreaking discovery to eliminate addictions quickly & effortlessly, at the source 

  • And much, much more...delivered to your inbox even if it's 2am!  

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"Pam, I Have Seen SO MUCH Information About Addictions.  I Have Searched Everywhere for Real Answers.  How Is This Book Different?"


Because I am the first person on the planet to actually measure what is getting in your way, I have made some remarkable discoveries.   No one else on the planet has done this work.  No one!     

And, because I am the only one on the planet to be able to eliminate your addictions at their source using Thought ShiftingTM, without even needing to know the issues that caused them or even needing to force you to rehash or identify them, AND because I am the first person to clear out all your  issues that cause your addiction in the first place--I have gained insights no one else on the planet possibly can.  They simply aren't doing this work at this level.

This is groundbreaking work... It is like before we could fly--then suddenly someone invented the  airplane.  It is truly revolutionary!      

"For every nine people who denounce innovation, only one will encourage it... For every nine people who do things the way they have always been done, only one will ever wonder if there is a better way.  For every nine people who stand in front of a locked building, only one will ever come around and check the back door.  The nine are satisfied with things they are told are valuable.  Person 10 determines for himself what has value."  

-- Za Rinpoche & Ashley Nebelsieck, The Backdoor to Enlightenment (Three Leaves), from Oprah Magazine


For my entire life, I have been that rare 10th person!   As a result, I am not afraid to challenge some common myths about addiction well rooted in our society.  Those well established beliefs have been held by "the nine"...up until now.  After all, you KNOW addictions are hard to break or you would not be here.  

You KNOW even celebrities like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Daniel Baldwin, Roger Avery (an Oscar winning screenwriter of Pulp Fiction), and those who have recently died from overdoses--Brad Renfro, Christopher Bowman, and even Heath Ledger--despite all their money  still have a hard time shaking their addictions and troubles.  This is a problem throwing more and more money at it is simply not fixing.  There is something wrong with how we are treating addiction.  

I have uncovered that "something", and I explain it in great detail in The 7 Whys' of Addiction:  The Hidden Secrets that Cause Addictions, and the 3 Keys to Finally be Free of Them.

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In looking at the real reasons you become addicted in the first place, and the real results we are getting from the addiction programs out there, I realized something was amiss.  So, I again asked "WHY?"   And, I received many answers!  

I solve the mystery of why the current addiction solutions today are by and far very ineffective.  For example, 95% of all addiction programs are based on the 12 Steps.  Did you know they were written in 1939?  We have learned a lot about addictions since 1939.  In fact, it is widely documented that Bill W., who is credited with creating the 12 Steps, later became a sex addict after leaving his Alcoholism behind.   "Hmmm... maybe there is an improvement opportunity after almost 70 years", I thought.  


So, I  analyzed them.  In  The 7 Whys' of Addiction:  The Hidden Secrets that Cause Addictions, and the 3 Keys to Finally be Free of Them  I share what I uncovered about what is and is not working with the 12 Steps, and programs based on them, today.  And, I make recommendations so you can get more effective help when you do choose a 12 step based program.     


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In fact, there is a lot of published evidence that the 12 Steps effectiveness is grossly exaggerated.   Don't believe me?   Here are some recent facts (Kolenda, 2003, Golden Text Publishing Company).  

  • The AA (12-Step) Effectiveness numbers published DO NOT INCLUDE MEETING & PROGRAM DROP OUTS!  

  • After just one month in AA, 81% of the new members have already dropped out

  • After three months, 90% have left

  • And, a full 95% have disappeared inside one year!

  • Including drop outs, the total average of sobriety (recovery) for AA members is just 3.7% for one year

  • And sadly, the success rate of the 12 Steps is just 2.5% "sobriety" over five years

  • 95% of all substance abuse treatment centers in the United States are 12-step based programs...  

  • My e-book explains why these dismal results are happening... And what you can do about it... Information you cannot get ANYWHERE else!  


If only 2.5% of our kids graduated from High School, would you think that is OK?  Why are we settling for such an appalling "success" rate?  I can only assume it's because we don't know any better.  And, frankly, there really haven't been many advances in addiction up until now.  

Now, I am not saying to stop all the Anonymous type programs you may be in.  There are people who notice an improvement  from the support they provide, as time goes by.   In fact, my Grandpa was one of them.  But, I don't want to see you be another 12-Step failure statistic!   Isn't your life too precious to waste it hoping a program with a proven failure rate will work?   It's just time to expect more from these programs.  You are not free if you have to attend meetings for the rest of your life!

Your life can be restored back to how you  were before your addiction infiltrated your  life and moved into the driver's seat!  

Learn why this is happening, and what you can do about it...   Get the information you need so you can evaluate addiction programs and solutions, expect more from them, and give yourself a fighting chance of really getting rid of your addiction as a result.   You will even learn how Thought ShiftingTM and the Masterpiece PeopleTM program may be just the prescription you need to finally be free  

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"Pam, Can  I Really Learn Something More About Addictions From an Ebook?"


In short--YES!  By the time you finish reading this astonishing e-book, you will know WHY this horrendous addiction problem exists in the first place.   You  will stop blaming yourself for out-of-control habits.   And, you will suddenly be armed with information to allow you to make different choices.   Knowledge is power!  

You will gain immediate access, no matter what time of the day (or night), and no matter your time zone, to this groundbreaking information.  You will be able to start reading this revolutionary book from the comfort of your own home.  And, if you suffer quietly from your addiction (or you are wondering if you are even addicted in the first place) no one even needs to know you have purchased it.  

And, because this is an Ebook, it is full of COLOR diagrams there is no way I could include in a printed book.  In printed books, color pictures and diagrams are very, very expensive to print.  Many printers can't even do them.  You know that saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words."  Well, it's true.  These color diagrams make it even easier to understand every detail you need to know about why addictions happen in the first place, so you can be free of them.  

The 7 Whys' of Addiction is not full of technical jargon, or hard to follow, boring information.  Instead, it is written in down to earth language.  I make every effort to explain even complex terms in ways just about anyone can follow, even including pictures and diagrams when a picture speaks a thousand words.   After all, the purpose of a book is not to impress you with a bunch of terms--it is to give you the information you need to learn something.  In this case, something very important... 

Click Here to get The 7  Whys now!

And, The 7 Whys' of Addiction:  The Hidden Secrets that Cause Addictions, and the 3 Keys to Finally be Free of Them is laid out in easy to follow sections.  You will discover not only if you are addicted, but why your addiction happened, and what do about it.  This is not the same old regurgitated addiction information.  It is completely new, innovative, and taking the addiction world by storm.



"But Pam, There is Already So Much Addiction 

Information Out There.  What More Can You Tell Me?"


A LOT!   There IS a lot of information out there about addictions.  Yet, despite that, look  at the state of affairs today.  Here are just some of the startling facts:

  • Baby boomers are dying of drug overdoses second only to car accidents

  • Celebrities are in the news weekly or sometimes daily because of their addictions

  • Gangs are rampant fueled by the money they make from selling drugs

  • Killings happen on a daily basis over turf wars

  • Every 8 seconds someone dies from a tobacco related illness, according to the World Health Organization

  • An estimated 30 percent of people in the U.S. alone have a substance addiction according to a 2002 report by the NMHA (this doesn't even include non substance addictions which are rampant!)

  • The business impact is conservatively placed at an estimated $140 billion per year   


Despite all the information and help out there, things are not getting better--they are getting worse.  And, I have discovered WHY 

And, I don't skimp or hold back anything.  I give you all I know about what causes addictions & what it takes to be free of them, which frankly is a lot (even if some people or companies won't like the shocking things I am revealing to you.  You can't imagine  the letters I have gotten already when they just got wind of what is in this book!)   All seven years (really, a lifetime of learning, since I grew up in an addict household, and 24 years helping people change), and my nearly half a million dollars in research and discoveries, I share with you in detail.  

This book is not your typical lightweight ebook--it is nearly 400 pages of highly informative information that will, by the end of this unique book, paint a very specific picture about whether or not you're addicted, if you are addicted why, and what you can do about it.    

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Breakthrough information in "The 7 Whys' of Addiction:  The Hidden Secrets that Cause Addictions, and the 3 Keys to Finally be Free of Them" :

    • Discover the real culprit at the bottom of addictions (NO ONE else knows this!)  

    • Understand addiction drivers that hold you hostage (you must eliminate your drivers to finally be free) 

    • Learn the three reasons it is so hard to eliminate addictions

    • Discover Pam's groundbreaking measures that finally shed light on this pervasive problem 

    • Know the key to effortless, lasting change that doesn't have you end up trading one addiction for another

    • Discern the real reasons the 12 Steps can never quickly, permanently, and effectively actually erase addictions

    • Learn about the cutting edge technology now available to help erase your addiction quickly, effortlessly, & permanently

...and just plain old take back control of your life from your addictions.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!   You can't treat or eliminate that which you don't understand.   

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You deserve to be in charge of your life--not have some addiction running your life!


"WOW.  Is this all really possible?"   YES! 




...One day I just gave my cigarettes up ...   

"Pam Thought ShiftedTM me, and the longer since my shift, the more I stopped craved tobacco and cigarettes.  One day, I just gave them up."   

-- Name withheld for privacy, USA 



"Pam, Who Is This Book For?"


If you have a problem with addictions, this book is definitely for you!  You  will learn more than anywhere else about why you are addicted, and what you  can do about it.  In fact, everything that must be done about it to really be free of your addiction...

This book covers many addictions, because typically when you are prone to addictions you will start out with one addiction, then either add-on or switch to another.  This  is because, despite treatment, the real reason for your original addiction is not gone.  I explain in detail why it is so hard for traditional addiction programs to really help you be free of your addiction as a result.  

Besides being able to assess for yourself  if you are addicted, you will find detailed information on what causes ANY addiction.   Really, at the heart of it, all addictions are caused by the same things.  They  just show up differently.  And, some have a greater impact and more devastation to your life than others.  

Then, if you have any of the following addictions, you will also find detailed information on your particular addiction (with more coming soon):

  • Sex (one of the fastest growing addictions)

  • Substances legal and illegal --  Alcohol, Cigarettes & other Tobacco products, Prescription drugs (one of the fastest growing areas of substance addiction right now), Meth, Cocaine, Heroin, Pot, and more 

  • Relationship and Co-Dependency    

  • Food -- Eating disorders, Anorexia, Bulimia, distorted body image, Body Dysmorphic Order (BDD).  Yes, these are all technically addictions.  And, that's good news, because this groundbreaking information will help you, too. 

Other addictions this book will help with, and I'll address in even more detail in later editions, include:

  • Work/ Workaholic 

  • Internet (again, another huge problem due to the proliferation of the Internet)

  • Gambling

  • Shopping

  • Other money related addictions

  • Caffeine 

  • Adrenaline (a little known but hidden addiction that not only contributes to stress, and stress hormone production such as Cortisol, but also weight gain & heart attacks)

  • And really anything you are using or doing that is causing harm to you or others, and you feel powerless to completely stop

If you have wondered if you even have an addiction, look no further.  This remarkable e-book will give you so much information about how addictions are actually formed in the first place, and even an innovative addiction scale to know how bad your addiction may be, you'll be able to identify on your own whether or not you're addicted.   

If  you have a loved one with addictions, you will understand their battle so much better.  You may even gain compassion where previously you had none.  And, anyone who really wants to help people with addictions, from care givers to teachers to friends, and even addiction counselors, will benefit by reading this book.   

If you're content to do things the hard way, this e-book is not for you.  If you aren't open to learning what it really takes to be free of addictions, then don't bother to get my book.  Frankly, if that is so, you aren't open to a new way, so you won't get much from this book, anyway.  Just come back when you're ready.   If you would like to understand your addiction, so you can conquer it effortlessly, then don't delay...buy your copy of this unique e-book right now!   

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"Pam, What Else is Available to Help Me with My Addiction?"


As I wrote this book, I realized just how much information--from home study programs to audios--I have to share with you.    So, I decided to package some of it up to give you even more information to battle your addiction.  You are welcome to just invest in my book right now.  But, if you want more you'll get the best deal you will ever receive right now, by taking advantage of these package deals.  You decide.  All I want to do is help you in the best way possible.  What I know for sure is, if you don't get  these right now, 99% of you will wish you did  as you read the book.  (The other 1% of you are the people who won't be helped no matter what you get, anyway.)    

If you just aren't sure if these other options are  right for you, no worries.  I talk about them in the book (where they apply) and if you want them then, you can still buy them all individually at retail price.    

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checkmark Digital Basic e-book - This is the core ebook, nearly 400 pages of informative, innovative, groundbreaking information on how to identify if you're addicted, if you are why you are, and what to do about it using the 3 keys many people have called a miracle.  Regardless of whether you are buying this for you or a loved one, you will discover new things about why you battle addiction, & what to do about it.    


checkmark Expanded Version with audio. This unique MP3 audio covers the new 11 Masterpiece People steps discussed in the book, in their original format, to help you understand what it really takes to be free of your addiction  step-by-step.  It's nearly one and a half hours of innovative information you aren't hearing anywhere else on addictions!    Learn the EXACT same strategies others are now using to be free of their addiction.  This audio contains additional information there just wasn't room for in the book.   The Normal price for this alone is $67.  


checkmark Deluxe  Package - This is sizzling.  Learn more about the 3 secrets that must be addressed to treat and to be truly free of your addiction.  This massive more than two hour MP3 audio recording  answers many questions you may have about what this innovative addiction information means to you.  Tons of more information that could not be included in the book...  It also includes the 95 page enhanced transcript so you can read it and take notes, organized in easy to follow question and answer format.  

Hear from real people about their experience with my methods.  Best of all, you can do it too!  The normal price for this 3 Secrets to Successful Treatment product alone is $127.  Plus, this version also includes the Expanded Version, and Digital Basic E-book.  





"Pam, How Much is Nearly 400 Pages of Groundbreaking Information I Can't Even Get Anywhere Else?"   


Really, as the saying goes, this information is priceless!   It's been called groundbreaking.  Others say visionary... even revolutionary.     And, you can't get this information anywhere else.   No where (unless they copy me... out of integrity but some have tried.)   

What would you pay to learn what it really takes to be free of your addiction?  

Consider these facts:   

  • The average in-patient addiction program costs at least $25,000 per month (in fact, many of these programs cost as much as $45,000 per month)

  • An average out-patient addiction program costs at least $5,000 per month (and they are usually a whole lot more)

  • Even just a single session (which as we all know is just the tip of the iceberg to really being free of your addiction) costs upwards of $250 or more

  • You will likely go to at least three (usually 6) addiction programs -- costing you between $15,000 for a minor addiction to at least $75,000 and as much as $270,000 for an average addiction

  • Just by reading The 7 Why's of Addiction you'll know what to look for in any effective addiction program -- saving you potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars 


How much would you expect to pay for a book that makes such a difference?   How much is understanding if you may be slipping into a life altering addiction worth?  What would you pay to understand what caused your addiction in the first place, so you can actually tackle that?   

To learn what it really takes to finally be free of your addiction?  To really understand what works and what doesn't in your fight against addictions?  

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Let alone the cost to you, your family, and often even your health of letting your addiction go unchecked?  

Worse, to keep you from paying lots of money for the illusion you can be  free  of your addiction--when in reality it's virtually impossible for most addiction programs to deliver?      

People pay tens of thousands for my programs, and more than $2,000 per hour to work with me.  Yet, you can learn this profound wisdom you previously would have only been able to learn by paying thousands.  My deepest desire is to help the multitudes.  

And, I want you to expect more from all addiction programs--not just mine.  Of course, seeing  the results my clients have gotten has absolutely made me biased towards my own breakthrough methods. They work.  But, the foundation you will learn in this book will get you expecting more from any program, so they can be tasked to step up and really help you.   You simply deserve  to know this information.  You deserve to be armed with this knowledge in your fight against your addiction.   

So, I have intentionally kept the cost affordable to the masses.  Even better--you pay no shipping charges anywhere in the world!!  

And, since this information is being revealed for the first time anywhere, for those of you who act fast I'm even rewarding your wise decision by giving you a highly discounted introductory price!

Digital basic e-book:  





** Introductory Price ** 

I mince no words:  If you won't invest a mere 47 bucks to learn if you're addicted, and if so why you are addicted, & what you can do about it--then you ARE NOT ready to change!

 This is nothing compared to the cost of addiction programs, for many of you the dollar cost of your actual addiction, and even worse the cost or potential cost to your life of your worsening addiction.  

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Save now by getting either the Expanded Package, or the Deluxe Package, along with your copy of The 7 Why's of Addiction

checkmark Digital Basic e-book - This is the core ebook, nearly 400 pages of informative, innovative, groundbreaking information on how to identify if you're addicted, if you are why you are, and what to do about it using the 3 keys many people have called a miracle.  Regardless of whether you are buying this for you or a loved one, you will discover new things about why you battle addiction, & what to do about it.   $197  $127   $97   $47

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checkmark Expanded Version with audio. This unique MP3 audio covers the new 11 Masterpiece People steps discussed in the book, to help you understand what it really takes to be free of your addiction,  step-by-step.  Eavesdrop in on me coaching my program clients who pay me thousands.  It's nearly one and a half hours of innovative information you aren't hearing anywhere else on addictions!    Learn the EXACT same strategies others are now using to be free of their addiction!!  This audio contains additional information there just wasn't room for in the nearly 400 page book (or it would have simply been too large.)   The Normal price for this alone is $67. Entire package for the $197 e-book and this is just $264  $187   $147   $97

This special offer is only good with now the book.          

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checkmark Deluxe  Package - This is sizzling.  Learn more about the 3 secrets that must be addressed to treat and to be truly free of your addiction.  This massive more than two hour MP3 audio recording answers many questions you may have about what this innovative addiction information means to you.  Hear from real people about their experience with my methods.  Listen to what actual clients have to say about my how I can help you, and their personal story and experience.  This package even includes the 95 page enhanced transcript so you can read it or follow along with the audio, and take notes--all organized in easy to follow question and answer format.   

Learn more about actually eliminating your addiction than I could possibly include in the book.   The normal price for this 3 Secrets to Successful Treatment product alone is $127.  Plus, this package also includes the Expanded Version above, AND the Digital Basic 7 Why's E-book.  

Entire package for the $197 e-book, the $67 Expanded Audio, AND this incredible 3 Keys package is  just $391  $299   $247   $157 

** Save $234!! ** 

This special offer is only good with now the book.        

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Here Are Just Some of the Many Benefits You Will Receive in this innovative e-book...

  • Know Just How Addicted You Are -- Plot your own addiction using my innovative Addiction Continuum Scale, to understand whether you're addicted, and if so just how severe your addiction may be.  And, just as important, learn how bad it could get if you don't change.

  • Discover THE  Hidden Secret Behind All Addictions -- Achieve miraculous results and it's even possible to have complete freedom from your addiction, by addressing the number one  reason all addictions happen in the first place.  And, up until now, no one is even talking about this!  Pam's one-of-a-kind research has revealed the biggest clue to the mystery of addictions ever discovered.   

  • The Biggest Breakthrough  in Addictions Since the 12 Steps Revealed  -- Have immediate access to the most innovative and complete addiction removal method discovered since the 12 Steps were written in 1939.   This method has the power to quickly and dramatically change your life.   

  • And Much, More.

Raise the bar.  Learn more  about what really causes your addiction.  Expect more from yourself, and any program that claims to be able to help you!

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P.S.  Act now!   I have spent most of my life and over half a million dollars to discover these amazing, hidden secrets.  

Now, you can benefit without having to spend all that time and money yourself! 

Because of this, I know the price is a steal right now, and I will be raising it.  I'd hate to see you miss out.  


Not to mention, if you have an addiction already or are getting close to one, you simply don't have that kind of time to wait.      


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