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The 7 Why's of Addiction: The Hidden Secrets that Cause Addictions & The 3 Keys to Finally be Free of them ** Digital **

This book on why addiction happens, whether you are ad dicted, and what to do about it has taken the addiction world--and addiction prevention world--by storm. There is no other book like this, which describes who gets addicted and why, on the market. Learn about Pam's 3 Keys process to remove addictions, and how her innovative Thought ShiftingTM process plays a huge part. ** Digital book for immediate delivery ** Click here to read more details and order.

Wake Up, Live the Life You Love, 2nd. ed.

$14.99 +S/H

#1 Bestseller co-authored with Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen, & others. Paperback. Click here to see a sample of our article.

The Magical Child - Joseph Chilton Pearce

$10.20 +S/H

Magical Child (Plume)

Negativity prevention for children.  Learn how to encourage children's imagination, and in doing so you will reduce Negativity. I have had the pleasure to meet Joe, he is a Master.

The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit - Joseph Chilton Pearce

$15.16 +S/H

The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit

I talk about how religion gone awry (i.e. not how it was intended) has greatly contributed to Negativity in my book Radical Thought Shift. In Joe's latest book, he takes a more scientific look at the same topic, including how we are influenced by the Field around us. Joe also covers the importance of operating from the heart, something called "coherence" which I also measure. I highly recommend this if you are ready to shed your Negativity. I have had the pleasure to meet Joe, he is a Master. The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit: A Return to the Intelligence of the Heart

The Biology of Transcendence - Joseph Chilton Pearce

$11.53 +S/H

The Biology of Transcendence

Do you understand the part your biology plays in creating your Negativity? In that of your children? Here Joe talks about how Negativity is formed and in doing so imagination is squashed in children, and the adults they become. Supports my books (Radical Thought Shift, The 7 Why's of Addiction) with brain science. I have had the pleasure to meet Joe, he is a Master. The Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit

Children's & Parents books with great messages
Please visit the Iam foundation to purchase directly (we make no money from this, it is simply a good win-win cause we endorse.) Many are offered for only shipping/handling charges. Or, make a donation here.

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