"Are You Frustrated Trying to Change?  Ready to Identify What Sabotages Your Success... STOP Wasting Time... and Get Out of Your Own Way?" 


Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Does it seem like something is standing in your way of success?    

  • Do you know there are things you should be doing, but you aren't doing them?  

  • Does it feel like you you aren't moving forward at the pace you dream of? 

  • Are you ready for a Shortcut to your true success?  

..I definitely feel more focused, and freer ...

"Dear Pam, After Thought ShiftingTM I definitely feel more focused, and freer to do what I came here to do.  Love to you, Jack"

~ Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul series co-author, and Teacher "The Secret" movie

No one else may tell you this, but here is the real problem.  Unless you identify and solve the root cause of what "blocks" you, it can take decades longer to be free (if ever)...and you will struggle trying different methods with limited success. 

Imagine a target... there are many rings around the outside yet just a single bull's-eye.  Most people get stuck working in the outer "rings" because they don't know the secret... When you hit the bull's-eye you don't need to do as much work...  

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Pam Ragland is an expert at uncovering your "bulls-eye blocks" by combining amazing intuition, expert coaching, and practical advice.  Just one of Pam's exceptionally accurate intuitive insights, combined with her unique talent for getting straight to the root cause of your sabotaging blocks, can be worth DECADES or even a LIFETIME of therapy, counseling, coaching, personal development programs, and much more to you... 

When you know what holds you back, you are armed with the knowledge about what exactly you need to act on... so you will stop wasting time on the "outer rings" of your target!     

Pam's clients have called her insights:

  • Amazing

  • Profound

  • Totally right on... and more...  


Clinical Depression Gone... 

"I struggled off and on with clinical depression for years.  As soon as Pam Thought ShiftedTM me, my depression just vanished.  It has been more than year, and it has never returned.  As soon as people are "shifted" they know--this is for real.  Pam really has something here."   

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 ~ Marc Phillips, Portland, Oregon

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If you're tired of change taking so long, aren't sure what help would be best for you, or just want to speed up realizing your dreams, you can receive Pam's insights by asking your own question NOW!  Pam will be honest about what it will take for you to get out of your own way... Giving you solid, timely, practical advice you can use RIGHT NOW... 

What you get FREE:  Pam is offering regular weekly teleclasses, helping you uncover what is really in your way... and offering you solutions for how you can move forward.  You can even listen to past calls on topics such as: 

  • Why you aren't making the money you could (hint: it's not what you think!)

  • The real reason you haven't attracted the relationships you long for 

  • What really gets in the way of you having greater (or even massive) success

  • Why you may have health issues, or gain weight

  • The real reasons for ADD, compulsions, OCD, phobias, addictions, eating disorders+

  • And much, much more... 

Why free?  Because of Pam's desire to help more people than just the small, exclusive groups she has been working with, because Pam is the ONLY ONE who helps people at the profound transformational levels she works at so she feels a responsibility to help, and given the state of the planet right now--Pam decided to offer this valuable service for free.  

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November, 2008

From:  Pam Ragland 

"I am grateful to be able to help my clients in profound ways through both my natural ability to get to the root cause, and my healing gift of Thought ShiftingTM which erases your bulls-eye blocks at their source.  I have worked with people on issues ranging from making more money, finding their purpose, helping with depression, ADD, compulsions, past trauma, fear, and even addictions

No problem is too large or too small!  I realize there are more and more people who can benefit from my divine wisdom and insights.  I hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity to get your question answered... 

Or, just listen in and learn as I help other people... 

- Pam Ragland, Thought ShiftingTM Creator 

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If you had 30 seconds to ask for guidance on the biggest obstacle in your life, your greatest frustration preventing your true success, or what keeps you from achieving your grandest desire--what will you ask me?" 

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